Altech Netstar Traffic Information
Altech Netstar Traffic
Altech Netstar – the leading stolen vehicle tracking and recovery, and fleet management company in Southern Africa – has joined forces with the global leader in traffic information – ITIS ( to form Altech Netstar Traffic (ANT). ANT is the first to bring intelligent, real-time traffic flow information and journey times to the motoring public of South Africa in a variety of applications.

How Does It Work?
ITIS has developed a unique and patented method of extracting data from vehicles installed with GPS tracking systems. In both cases the data is completely anonymous, and cannot be traced back to the individual vehicle or mobile device. This data undergoes intense mathematical analysis, and is overlaid on a coded street level map. The proprietary codes enable ANT to calculate and predict the speed and congestion between key intersections on freeways and secondary roads. The content of this information is enriched by adding traffic incident data, such as ‘road works’ or ‘vehicle accident’.
How Is The Information Applied?

Mobile Devices. Any navigation-enabled mobile device can receive traffic information via GPRS messages. These are overlaid on the map based on the device or sent to the device, and the user is alerted to congestion and offered alternative routing.
Visit the Garmap for Mobile site for availability and costs

Portable Navigation Devices. PNDs, Certain models available from Navigon and Garmin are equipped and able to receive traffic information via the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) transmitted on a Radio Data Signal (RDS). Please visit the GARMIN and NAVIGON Web sites for information on availability, costs and where to purchase

In-Vehicle SatNav Systems. Tests are currently underway to deliver the traffic information to vehicles pre-installed with satellite navigation systems. This service will be introduced by selected Motor Manufacturers in 2010.

No PND or In-vehicle Sat Nav? Don't worry!

This map provides a very practical and affordable alternative to consumers that do not have access to PNDs or navigation-enabled mobile phones. The following functions are available to the subscriber:

  • view the traffic congestion on the traffic heat map;
  • identify major incidents that could be affecting the traffic;
  • plan and plot regular routes traveled, and
  • receive SMS traffic notifications prior to departure on those routes starting from R22.00 (vat incl) per month.

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What Areas Does This Service Cover?

The coverage on the mobile devices and web site is available countrywide in major metropolitan areas.

The RDS-TMC coverage for PND'S is available in the broader Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban.